Cushioned Doughnuts For Fibre Optics*


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Colours available: Red, orange, sand, yellow, green, light green, dark green, turquoise, sky blue, blue, dark blue, purple, dark pink, pink, white, cream, grey, silver, brown and black.

Cushioned Doughnuts For Fibre Optics*

These Cushioned Doughnuts are large cushioned plinths designed to slip over a standard Light Source Box,  giving comfortable and safe access to the Optics themselves. They are available in a wide range of colours. the optics and The Light Source are not included in this price.  There are two sizes available. Large (1450mm x 250mm) and Extra Large (2000mm x 250mm).


 Please note this product requires delivery and installation by our own engineers. Please call 01284 827467 for further information and to arrange a time best for you.