Terms & Conditions

The items of equipment which are eligible for VAT zero rating are marked with an * after the price

VAT will be charged at the current rate where applicable.

Terms and conditions



Sensory Developments Ltd reserves the right to recover VAT, if Zero Rating is wrongly claimed.



Non Account Customers  

Payment in full will be required along with order


Account Customers:

An invoice will be sent, payment terms are strictly 30 days from receiving your invoice, When payment is received we will send you your goods.

Interest may be added on overdue payments. 


Full and complete title to the goods shall remain with Sensory Developments Ltd until payment in full has been made.

We reserve the right to repossess any goods in respect of overdue payment and cost’s will be charged in full to the non payment 



Items carry a guarantee of 12 months.

Unless otherwise stated

All of our equipment is backed by a warranty which states that we will repair or replace any faulty goods within

30 days of notification. However, Sensory Developments Ltd shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury

whatsoever, consequential or otherwise, due to, or caused by any defects or deficiencies in or by the use of goods

supplied, (other than by liability of death or bodily injury caused by the negligence of Sensory Developments Ltd.)

Sensory Developments reserves the right to alter prices without prior notice.


Please feel free to discuss these and any other points with us prior to ordering.

Items in need of installation phone for further details