VAT Relief


Some of the products supplied may be eligible for Zero Rating under Group 12 to 15 of the VAT 

Please note: products eligible for the Zero Rating are marked clearly with an *

Act 1994, providing that they are supplied to a disabled person for domestic or their personal use.


Supplies of eligible products may also be Zero Rated under Group 15 of the Act 1994 when:


A)   Purchased by a charity or purchased with charitable funds for donation to hospital or certain other institutions.

B)   Purchased by an eligible body which pays for them with funds provided by a charity or from voluntary contributions.

C)   Purchased by a charitable institution providing care or medical or surgical treatment for people with a disability.

There are severe penalties for making a false declaration.

If you are in any doubt about your own eligibility or the eligibility of the goods or service you are buying, you should seek advice from any 

local VAT office before signing this declaration.

(See under Custom and Excise in the phone book)



If you believe you are eligible for Zero Rating on VAT then please call us on 01284 827467 to request a form which you can sign and date it and send it with your order.

For help on any of the above matters please phone us on: 01284 827467